Intermediate Vocal Exercises

Once you have completed the Beginning Vocal Exercises on the previous page, please continue with these Intermediate Vocal Exercises.


#1: Singing 9 Note Scales

This exercise challenges your breath support and helps you practice singing scales forwards and backwards in correct pitch (not sharp or flat). This exercise can be used for either Major or Minor scales, but in the audio example below we are using only Major scales. Take your time to make sure each pitch is in tune with the audio recording. Try not to breath until the end of each scale (17 tones total going up and coming down). The audio exercise below will start on G Major and move up to F Major. Please sing “La” along with the recording.

9 Note Scales

#2: Singing Octave Ya’s

This exercise can be challenging at first because it requires well trained ears to be able to sing the octave in pitch, a strong diaphragm that allows the voice to sing the octave without scooping, good posture so that the head does not move up and down as you sing the octaves, and finally control of the tone of the voice so the top note sounds resonant and strong, without air slipping through and making the voice sound breathy. If the octave is too difficult, begin with a 5th (or Do-Sol) and work your way up to the octave. The audio exercise below will start on octave G’s, and move up by half step one octave. Please sing “Ya” along with the recording.

Octave Ya’s


Thank you for viewing these Intermediate Vocal Exercises. As you develop your voice, you will notice that your range will expand, you will be able to sing for longer amounts of time without needing a breath, and you will be able to match pitch and perhaps even harmonize with other singers with ease. I encourage you to continue on your path to vocal and musical success!