Beginning Vocal Exercises

These exercises are perfect for beginning vocalists. The exercises can be completed in any order. Once you complete the following exercises you can advance to the Intermediate Level.


Exercise #1:  Matching Pitch

One of the most important aspects of singing is the ability for the vocalist to match pitch with another instrument, or another voice. Without this ability, singers are unable to perform with other musicians.  The following exercise will help you practice matching pitch with a piano. Remember, give yourself time to hear the note, think the note, and then sing the note. Don’t rush!



Exercise #2:  The Yawn Sigh

When singing, vocalists make space inside of the mouth in order to create more resonance. This is done by raising the soft palete (a patch of stretchy cartilage that is located past the roof of the mouth). When you yawn, this naturally occurs. This exercise will allow you to practice raising the soft palate and singing with this mouth position.



Exercise #3:  5 Note Scales

Scales are  common vocal exercises that vocalists use throughout their vocal study. For beginners, 5 note scales are best because they are less challenging than 8 note scales. Practice singing these scales on different vowel sounds including; Ee, Eh, Ah, Oh, and Oo.




Thank you for completing these beginning vocal exercises. Practice may not make perfect, but practice strengthens the voice and advances you as a musician. Return to these exercises whenever you want to complete a general warm up before a performance, before a voice lesson, or just to practice your vocal technique.