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New Cover- I’m low on gas

Check out my student’s cover of I’m low on gas and you need a jacket.  Sara did a wonderful job arranging and recording this song.  Hope you enjoy! Cover- I’m low on gas


Student’s Music Video

Check out my student’s music video “Eyes on me”. The members of Sun Chased have taken lessons with me in the past, and currently. They are working on their first album. This single shows hints of what is to come. Please enjoy, and share! -Kristen Barrett


Studio Updates and Changes 2014-2015

Hello Students! Please take a moment to read the following links regarding Studio Updates and Changes for this upcoming fall! Lesson Policy Updates: Slight changes regarding pricing, group lessons, and attendance. Updates and Changes: Group lessons, Online seminars, Snack bar, Music money, Recitals, Songwriting opportunities, New location, Group lesson schedule for September 2014. Recital Dates 2014-2015: …

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Website Additions!

I am happy to announce that I have created some new additions to the website! I hope these additions will aid students in their practice and encourage others to participate in making music! The first addition is a Music Exercises page. Within this page you can view music theory exercises and vocal exercises for beginning …

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Private Vocal Lessons: A Curriculum

    Introduction The curriculum will focus on the individual needs of students (Froehlich, 2006).  Focusing on a student’s individual learning preference is one of the main aspects of critical pedagogy (Abrahams, 1997).  Teachers using this curriculum will plan a series of musical activities that are unique to each student.  This follows McCarthy’s (2000) belief …

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Effects of Vocal Improvisation Exercises on Creativity of Amateur Vocalists in Private Classrooms

  Effects of Vocal Improvisation Exercises on Creativity of Amateur Vocalists in Private Classrooms   Introduction It is important for vocal teachers to help students achieve their singing goals. Through my own experience and through speaking with other vocal teachers an interesting problem emerged. Many amateur vocal students do not create their own unique vocal …

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Blues Lessons

Check out this blues website I have created. It is based off a project for my masters degree program. Let me know what you think, and if you would be interested in taking an online course similar to this…


Poor-Pitch Singing Explained Using Piaget’s Developmental Theory

Most young music students enjoy playing with different instruments, listening to new sounds, and singing along with the teacher. When children can’t reproduce a pitch given to them, it becomes an interesting musical problem. “In a study performed at the University of Illinois, it was discovered that out of forty-nine first graders, nearly 25 percent …

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How to prepare for your Voice Lesson

Many students are unsure of how they should prepare for their voice lesson. In this blog article I give answers to some common questions. “What should I bring to my voice lesson?” The first thing you should bring to your voice lesson is a bottle of water. It is important for the throat and body …

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Singing Lessons: Reach your Goals!

I believe that music changes lives. It can brighten someone’s day. It can inspire poetry and dance. And, it can touch an entire audience and move them to tears or to laughter. My life has personally been touched and inspired by music.  This is why I want to share my knowledge of music with my …

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